Most company are able to fly much higher. Do you?

Dance with Change

How do companies survive in the rapid change of technology advancement, globalization, Consumer new taste –preference and demand? How do companies growth in the mid of Merger-Acquisition and privatization and knowledge economy?

Corporate Turn Around & Performance Booster
Major Turn Around Project.
Defora Corporate Turn Around Project Service offers opportunity for company to undergo major quantum leaps and escalate into great performance. What we do in corporate turnaround is a thorough corporate diagnostics, a forensic scanning of your company health and its performance, then design a way out with clear cut parameters of achievement objectives. You will then have a distinct Executive Recommendations on how to move forward and gear up your corporate performance to higher level. At your disposal, we hence get in the next phase of Transforming the company, with agreed due date for the accomplishment and parameters of achievements like: Cash flow, Profit, Revenue, Growth, Market Share, Return on Investment and the Values of the Company. Corporate Turn Around Project is intended for companies that like to see a major and overhaul changes in their corporate performance. It involves a quantum leaps strategy and business process management.

Corporate- Performance Booster
We also offer catalytic services that promise performance booster for company, from good to great scales of performances. In this assignment, we will work out with your management team, looking at the parameters and the intrinsic capability within the organization, and recommend on how to do the business scales up strategy or fine tuning the organizational behavior, system and management. A clear cut achieving parameters of like Sales, Distribution, Cash flow, Profit, Growth, Market Share, Return on Investment and the Values of the Company are guiding the management consulting values delivery. Both Corporate Turn Around Program or Corporate Performance Booster are integrated part of our Organizational Changes Management Consulting Services
Defora Consulting.

1. What your company can benefit from Corporate Turn Around- Change Initiatives?

There are lots of companies whose performance can hike many times than what they are achieving at this moment, if only they can see some of the improvement opportunities and put them into practices. Either they are in sharpening the strategy, reshaping the business mindset-leadership, establishing business clarity-distinctiveness, financial engineering or reformatting the corporate culture.

Our roles, in taking your company to scale up, basically is to recommend and design strategy so that your company can discover and put on 'some wings" to fly to a higher plane than your competitors . A kind of Performance Booster.

Or we design a medium to challenge you to intrinsically cut loose some the inhibiting factors that so far have been captivating your growth. We will help set your corporate potential free so it can embark on much higher level.

2. How do we do the Corporate Turn Around and Performance Booster Initiatives?

In order to successfully enjoying the quantum leaps or corporate turn around initiatives, Organization must introduce Organizational Change Management so that the required changes are rigorously welcomed instead of resisted.